The Golden Boys

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Every August. Every August for twelve years. Every August for twelve years we went to the same small town on holiday. Every August for twelve years we went to the same beach. Every August for twelve years my parents rented the same small house in the same small town near the same beach, so every...

The Fix

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The four judges have been sitting in a small room in the Milton Hotel in London for three hours now. The judges must agree on who will win the four awards in the important Global Music Awards: Best Album, Best Song, Best New Band and Lifetime Achievement Award. Outside the small room where the judges are,...

The Birth of a Star

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این داستان با عنوان The Birth of a Star مناسب سطح Elementary میباشد. امیدوارم از این داستان British Council لذت ببرید. با رادتایم همراه باشید. The Birth of a Star June 5, 2006 Henry looks carefully into the telescope which lets him see far, far away, as far away...

The Dinosaur in Jake’s Garage

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One morning, Jake found a dinosaur living in their garage. “Dad” he said, “There’s a dinosaur living in the garage.” “Is there really, Jake?” said his dad. “That’s interesting. Now go away and play. Daddy’s busy at the moment.” Jake’s dad went back to reading his newspaper.


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Afel was only a very small boy when he first saw snow. But it wasn’t real snow that he saw. No, there was no real snow where he lived. He saw the snow in a picture book. The book had lots of pictures of children playing in big white fields. He...


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Here’s Scarlett, in the garden of a friend’s house in London on a sunny summer morning, the kind of mornings that are unusual in England. Scarlett is twelve years old (“thirteen in November” she tells me), and is trying to understand the world around her. She asks questions about everything, all...

! The Boy Who Cried Wolf

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There once was a shepherd-boy who kept his sheep outside of a village. One day, he thought he would play a trick on the villagers and have some fun. He ran toward the village crying out with all his might: “Wolf! Wolf! Come and help me!...

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