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Is Distance Learning Better Than Being in School

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در این ویدیو آموزشی به مقایسه آموزش حضور و مجازی می پردازیم و در انتها آزمونک درک مطلب آن را پیش رو خواهیم داشت.

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For twins, Julia and Colin MeCey technology has helped give them an altogether different learning experience. They attend a virtual public school, are you taking British and world literature? which provides them with the equipment they need to learn remotely. So, I'm taking a fine arts course, so in  my box, I have clay and some paintbrushes Julia moved to full-time remote learning during the pandemic. The environment of a one-on-one in comparison to one-on-30 is just a lot nicer. I have a lot more contact with my teachers, and the classes that are offered is just so much more than what is offered at a normal public school like computer science, for example. I have been able to take more classes that interest me. I think my grades have been better, so I probably will have a better chance of getting into my dream colleges. A recent survey found that nearly a third of American parents say it's likely their child will continue with remote learning indefinitely. It's unclear to what extent fear of COVID has influenced this decision, but roughly 20% of districts in America are planning to offer some form of virtual learning even after the pandemic. We can all agree that most students do better when they're in the classroom, but for some students, having to do school remotely was a positive. Some students have anxiety issues, and it was easier to work from home, for example.

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