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A Passion for Cooking

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A Passion for Cooking

A Passion for Cooking

Many people are afraid to cook Chinese food. They think it is difficult to prepare Chinese dishes. Ching-He Huang, a young chef, business owner, and TV star, is changing their ideas. She teaches people quick and easy ways to prepare Chinese food. Thanks to Ching-He, many people around the world now love to cook Chinese food!


Ching-He was born in Taiwan in 1978. She first learned about traditional Chinese cooking from her grandparents. They shopped for fresh ingredients every day, and they always ate freshly-cooked meals.


When Ching-He was eleven years old, she and her family moved to London. Because her mother often traveled for work, Ching-He cooked meals for her family. Her mother taught her a little bit about Chinese cooking. Soon, Ching-He started to create her own recipes. She especially loved to make rice dishes and noodle soups.

A Passion for Cooking

Now and Then

Ching-He studied economics in college, but her big passion was cooking. After she graduated, she started a food and drink company. She sold healthy Chinese foods and drinks to stores. In 2005, Ching-He had her first TV cooking program. The next year, she wrote her first cookbook. In 2008, she starred in another TV series, Chinese Food Made Easy. For this TV show, she traveled around the UK and taught people to make simple, delicious Chinese food. She also wrote another cookbook to go with the TV show. Over three million people watched the TV series.


Today, Ching-He is famous in the UK. Her TV shows are also popular in several other countries. What is Ching-He’s secret to success? She creates recipes that combine traditional and modern flavors. She makes Chinese cooking fast and easy. And because she has a friendly personality, she is fun to watch on TV.

Ching-He is a very busy woman, but she still finds time to relax. What does Ching-He Huang do in her free time? She cooks, of course! (Word Count: 321)


Choose the correct answer.

  1. Ching-He is originally from _____.
    A Taiwan   B London   C Hong Kong
  1. She learned to cook _____.
    A in school   B from her father   C from her grandparent and mother
  1. Ching-He changed people’s ideas about _____.
    A fresh ingredients   B Chinese cooking   C junk food
  1. Because of Ching-He, more people in the UK _____.
    A go to Chinese   B prepare Chinese restaurants food    C drink tea
  1. Which sentence about Ching-He is NOT true?
    A She works hard.   B She never relaxes.   C She’s very busy.

Answer Keys:

  1. B
  2. B
  3. B

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